About me

Hi, my name is Yasmin! Welcome to " The Masala In The Story "!

When people ask me where I come from I never know what to answer, maybe that's why I feel at home everywhere.

I looked more or less like this on my first passport, everything else is bureaucracy.

My heart beats to the rhythm of India. Now I'm in Canada, for love.

I spent most of my life defining myself by what I studied and by my work aspiration, so I graduated, got some job experiences, and then...I was jobless.

I felt useless, incapable and failed. Lost.

So I started to define myself based on my dreams and projects, focusing on the future, forgetting the present.

The Masala In The Story ” is my solution to stay in the present: to discover the beauty of every day.

Care, education, and hybrid - these are my favorite words.

I have three sisters: my favorite people in the world.


Masala: what?

Masala is a set of spices typical of Indian cuisine, it is not just one spice.

It is India, it is Mumbai, which I have tattooed on my body and has given me so much in life.

Masala is a metaphor.

It is a powder of meanings, of details, ground and made into small pieces and then scattered: it is cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, cloves, pepper and turmeric, in life.

Masala is a color that stays on your hands, marks your teeth and takes over your clothes.

It is tangy, it does not leave you indifferent. 

In the story, Masala is a detail, a spark, a scar. Not necessarily the bright side.

"Masala, Masala!" Shreyank, my love, tells me when he thinks that I am spicing up the story, because they are told with passion.

Masala is what gives flavor to words, to a simple day, what makes it a story.

To whom?

You may like this blog if you are passionate about India, if you are in or have experienced a long distance relationship and/or a relationship with someone from another culture. Or if you are my mom.

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I would like this blog to be a story of interculturalism, of deconstruction of stereotypes: India is not a path of spirituality, binational relationships are a reality that is still hardly understood, living abroad is not always easy.



I write about interculturalism, families and binational relationships, and life abroad.

I write about India.

I like to destroy stereotypes.

I dedicate this blog to kind people, the defeated and the dreamers.