Happy Diwali 2020!

The Masala In The Story - Primo Diwali In Canada

Today we celebrate Diwali.

Diwali is definitely my favorite hindu festival because it is based on a simple concept: the victory of good over evil.

Shreyank and I are still in quarantine, while climate change is gifting us some amazing days outside, and we are preparing to celebrate our first Diwali as a family.

It's 11 in the morning now. Laundry to do, the furniture to assemble (we have two chairs now! Yeah!). Luckily we do the cleaning quickly... we also stocked up on Indian sweets: Gulab Jamun (frozen), Kaju Katli, Barfi and the unforgettable chai.

The “festival of lights” in our house will be celebrated with Chinese candles, lit in front of our altar of the gods, at the window overlooking the tall skyscrapers of a new world.

Good won over evil when Lord Rama returned from exile after defeating Ravana, good won today when my mom wrote to Shreyank "best wishes for your Indian holiday", good won when after another sleepless night full of anxiety, I decided to give the day ahead of me another chance.

Good wins over evil, gratitude overcomes jealousies and insecurities.

Happy Diwali Everyone!

2019, Marine Drive, Mumbai – A muslim family celebrating Diwali.

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