Raksha Bandhan: the festival of brothers and sisters

Today, here in Mumbai, is "Raksha Bandhan", the festival of love and duties between brothers and sisters.

Sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi (from the Sanskrit "knot of protection") on the wrist of the brothers, praying for their well-being and the brothers promise to take care of their sisters in any eventuality.

Respecting the times and ways of the Indian workplace, the boss gives everyone a day off. After recovering countless hours of sleep, I decide that it's time to take care of myself and go to the beautician. However, stopped by the fear of not being understood, I obsessively start to look for a beauty center with an international feeling. Nothing, I don't even know what to type: after “beauty center for foreigners” - Google suggests me to search for “Aiutali a casa loro", which means "help them at their home” (an Italian reference to a far-right party) and I immediately close the pc.

I take courage, I prepare myself, a few prayers to Lord Ganesh and I go out looking for something that comes close to my needs. Just below my house, there is a small shop with a black and pink sign.

"If this is not a beauty center, what can it be!"

At my entrance, I am greeted by four young boys who show me the price list. Extremely surprised, I look for the best way to ask if they do waxing without letting a male presence understand that yes, a woman has body hairs - and a lot too.

I fail.

But here a female presence passes by, I immediately dive towards her and tell her my darkest secrets. She takes them all off, and even with chocolate flavor.

"How beautiful!"

When I am in a real state of Nirvana here she takes a thread in her mouth and starts to pass it on my face. I have no idea what happened, but with these brows, I have such an intense look!

Come on, it went better than expected. Happy and satisfied, I also decide to do manicure and pedicure.

My new best friend makes me sit down, relax, and here come the boys again. They start asking me questions like "square?" and I hope they refer to the slice of pizza that the world has decided to surprise me with.

And instead no. Just them and to my nails.

These two men are, one focusing on my hands and the other on my feet.

I don't know how to react and then I can not help but go on. I now think that any existing beautician should bow to these two beautiful creatures who, not only have also removed the cuticles from my soul, passed the nail polish in an exemplary manner, but also massaged every single finger as only some divinity will be able to do.

I spend the whole session between purring and laughter thinking that my mother will never believe this story.

I calmly thank them giving my trust in humanity back and I hug them mentally.

Then I think it was a nice way to spend Rakhi, a festival that wants to celebrate not only the relationship between brother and sister but the bond between men and women - especially for me, who never had a brother and had little trust in men.

I also think that the best choice is always to leave home without too many thoughts, especially in India.

If you leave home some prejudices, some theory and some fear, you find yourself hotter and for only 20 euros!

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